The picture hanging problem

Most people put off picture hanging because it can be a real challenge. Getting it right is time consuming and frustrating with complicated measuring and marking - even if you do it carefully, you still usually end up with extra holes in your walls.

Introducing Place&Push™ frames

We’ve created the easiest and fastest way to hang pictures. Simply push your frame into the wall. No tools needed!

Get started right away

Hanging Place&Push™ frames perfectly straight on the first try is easy – everything you need is right in the box. There are no tools or additional hardware required, so you can start decorating your walls right away.

Everything you need is in the box

Three high quality solid wood frames include our patented, built-in hanging hardware and have been fitted with original artwork. There are only two steps you need to know to hang these perfectly on your walls – 1. Place 2. Push.
Also included in the set are a level and Spacer Strips™, to help you create perfect galleries in minutes.

Simple. And smart.

Place&Push™ frames don’t need nails or hooks to hang perfectly. Under The Roof Decorating’s patented corner brackets and pins are already installed on the back of your frames.

Place. Push. Done!

After you’ve placed your picture exactly where you want it, simply push on the top corners of the frames to secure them to your wall. Place&Push™ frames hang flush against your wall and stay forever straight, even when dusting.

We make it even easier

You’ll want to hang a gallery wall in every room in your house – it’s that easy. A mini level is included, which means you’ll hang each frame straight on the first try. Spacer Strips are also included, so that evenly spaced displays can be made in minutes.

Get creative!

Place&Push™ frames are so easy that new looks can be made in minutes, and you can be as creative as you want.

Switching art is easy

Changing the artwork is simple thanks to the easy-to-hold toggle at the bottom of each frame. Simply twist it open, remove the corner brackets and the backing lifts right out of the frame so you can replace it with any photo or artwork you choose.

Frame what you love

Keep your walls looking fresh by framing photos, kids’ art, paintings, cards and anything else you choose. Consider framing your favorite comic book or your very first vinyl album. The only limitation is your imagination.

What's in the box

  • 3 15"x15" solid wood frames with pre-installed picture hangers
  • White premium mats with 7.5"x7.5" openings
  • Original artwork
  • 1 Mini bubble level
  • 12 Spacer Strips™
  • Easy to follow instructions

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